Customized packing & palletizing line


This batching equipment has the following advantages: Operation interface is easy to learn, easy to use, beautiful, good stability, fault-tolerant, high batching accuracy, as well as automatic sound and light alarm for fault and self-locking etc.

Main parts are: automatic material lifting system (belt, spiral, bucket hoisting or air conveying etc.), material storage system (material storage bin, transition bin, finish products bin etc.), frequency conversion feeding mechanism (actuating mechanism used to add materials to the weighing system), automatic weighing system (weighing sensor, standard connectors, junction box and weighing hopper etc.), batching control system (weighing instrument, PLC, up-working controller and other controller), calibration system (automatic regular calibration mechanism of sensor)

. Description:

This set of production line is widely used in the automatic ingredient production line of all materials in many industries. Workers only put 2 – 10 kinds of materials into the bunkers, the computer control system, according to the pre-set ratio, will automatically places the materials into the weighing system which will automatically add these materials according to the ingredient ratio. After the ingredients are completed, the bucket type lifting machine will automatically lift the materials into the mixing machine, and automatically discharge it after uniform mixing, then the materials will be sent into the storage silo for the supply packaging system so that it can automatically conduct quantitative packaging and stacking.

. Features:

2.1 The batching control system is automatically controlled by the computer, without watching over, with high precision and fast speed;

2.2 Convenient and reliable centralized-control system, visual display and equipped with failure alarming system;

2.3 It can be equipped with a printer to print shift output and related data;

2.4 All motor elements adopt imported batching, ensuring the reliable operation of the system;

2.5 Convenient to maintain with small occupying area.

. Technical parameters:

Automatic batching output: 10T~15T/hour, precision ≤0.5%;

Automatic packaging output of the packaging weigher: 12~15T/hour, precision: 0.2%

Voltage: 380V  50HZ; Power consumption: 3KW/hour

Air source: 0.5Mpa; Air consumption: 0.6m3/hour


. Configuration and demands of this set of production line can be designed according to the technological requirements

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