XY-SR210 palletizing robot

  • MOQ: 1 units
  • Supply Capability: 50 units / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 30 working days
  • Packaging: wooden case





Stacking Robot 210

Controlled axis

4 axesA, B, C, D


Floor mount

Motion Range


1500 mm


2300 mm






Max. Load Capacity (including   the grab)

200 kg

Handing Capacity

1500 times/hour

Drive Method

Electric Servo drive by AC   servo motor


±0.5 mm

Power Consumption

6.5   KW


1150 kg

* The real stacking capacity of the robot has close relationship with the site layout, product size, weight and stacking forms. The robot program can be adjusted. 

Function & features:

Touching-type operation screen, easy to handle;

Simple structure, low failure rate, easy to maintain;

Less main parts and accessories, low maintenance cost;

Energy-saving and eco-friendly, low power consumption, only 1/5 of the like mechanical stacking machine;

Small floor area, can be used under all working conditions;

High safety, can continuously work for a long time with stability.



Chemicals, building materials, fodder, food, beverage, beer, automated logistics etc. With different grabs, it can be used for packing and stacking of finished products with different shapes in different industries.


Applicable packaging modes:

Bags, packaging case, cans, boxes, bottles (Non-standard grabs can be customized as requested)


Stacking forms:

It can flexibly deal with different stacking demands, and the non-standard stacking forms can be designed according to users’ requirements.


Movement angle & range: 


Diagram of main parts of the robot:


A axis: semi-axis  B axis: Fluctuation axis   C axle: Machine rotation axis   D axis: Grab rotation axis

Stacking shapes: 


l Production line capacity: No less than 1500 times/hour;

l Stacking shape: Party A provides several kinds of shapes, Party B writes down the program in advance and debugs well when installing; there will be at most 99 kinds;

l The demonstrator has manual and electric functions;

l The grab has movement detection function;

l Equipped with transmission counting and stack counting functions. 

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