XYC-P quantitative packaging machine for special materials

  • MOQ: 1 units
  • Supply Capability: 50 units / day
  • Port: Shanghai
  • Delivery: 30 working days
  • Packaging: exported wooden case


It can be used for high speed measuring and subpackage of materials with certain humidity or fluffy and adhesive materials, loose strip shape and fabrics, tablets below 10cm, ball shape and many other states and irregular shapes in fertilizer, agrochemicals, feed, chemicals, sugar and other industries. (Organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, sugar cane bagasse, sawdust, ores, manure, flaky sulfur).


Working Principle:

This machine is mainly designed for materials with bad fluidity and alternative packaging for powder and particle materials with one packaging weigher. It adopts belt sized feeding mode that feeds the materials in the package weigher bin into the weighing hopper or packaging bag through the sensor’s control belt. When the packing materials are filled in the bags according to the set value, the feeding belt will stop working, after this process, the clamping bag will be automatically opened, the material bags are sent through the conveying belt and sealed by the workers. 

Technical Index:

Product model

Measuring range

Packing speed

Packing precision





4-6 bags/minute






6-10 bags/minute



3-5 bags/minute

Note: We can customize products according to customers’ materials and production demands. 

Main features:

Please have a detail understanding to the packed materials, output and site situation before ordering this packing unit;

It can automatically complete the packaging control of the materials, integrating weight display, packing time series, technology interlock, failure alarm;
It has functions such as automatic storage, debugging parameters recovery (copy);
It can automatically store controlling parameters of 10 kinds of packing weight, as well as the cumulative production, packing numbers and total output of each packing weight;
It adopts large, small and double feeding mode through belt conveying, improving working precision and speed;
High bright fluorescence double display, real-time display the packing weight, cumulative production and packing number;

Adjustable automatic peeling cycle function, compact function, key encryption function, data encryption function, clock display function etc. 

Equipped with RS232 and RS485 interface that can connect with the computer and miniprinter. The connection of the instrument and the computer can print the data and statistics report of the production;  

This unit can select support equipment such as feeding machine, bunker, bag sewing machine (sealing machine), air compressor etc. 

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